Estampaciones Metalicas y Embuticion Profunda

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Metal Stamping

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Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing

At Gildicar, S.A. Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing we are experts manufacturing metal parts with over 45 years of experience in the industry. Since Gildicar, S.A. founded our history of innovation and evolution has progressed steadily and its main activity metal stamping and deep drawing. Gildicar has been rewarded in their effort to achieve the highest quality to its customers, applying and implementing aQuality Management System for the manufacturing area by stamping metal parts stamping and welded assemblies, preferably in the automotive sector by ISO 9001:2015 by the auditors of TÜV Management Service GmbH.

We manufacture metal stampings by presses with the highest quality and best service as evidenced by the high level of satisfaction of our customers and recognition of our competitors.

We are able to deal with any project by providing the best solutions and the greatest advantages and benefits to all our national and international customers. Our goal is to provide the most excellent service, attention and experience you will not find in any other place.


Calidad Gildicar