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Quality Policy

The Management of GILDICAR, S. A. is aware of the importance of quality and customer satisfaction in the scope of its main activity:

Manufacture of metal parts by stamping or drawing and the manufacture of welded assemblies.

To this end, it wishes to formally express the company’s mission and principles through strict compliance with its requirements and through the complete management of projects.
The Quality Management System (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015) of GILDICAR, S. A. is based on the following principles:
Identification of the requirements of our customers and relevant stakeholders.
Compliance with Applicable Regulatory Requirements.
Efficiency in the elaboration and distribution of products.
Establishment of annual Quality objectives.
Establishment of a dynamic of continuous improvement of the products manufactured and services rendered.
Through the guidelines defined in the Quality Management System, we will achieve the following Objectives:
To ensure the satisfaction of all our customers in fulfilling applicable requirements.
Increase and consolidate innovation in an environment of continuous improvement.
Effectively develop the Processes and Activities during the Realization of the Product and Service Provision.

This quality policy will be reviewed annually, communicated to all employees and made available to the public.

In Fuenlabrada, December 14,2017

D. Fco. Javier Diaz.

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